Where Is Zenni Optical Located At?

Today, Zenni operates from its corporate headquarters in Novato, Calif.

and maintains one of the largest end-to-end manufacturing facilities in the world.

Totaling nearly one million square feet, the campus in Danyang, China, provides much of Zenni’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

How long does it take to get glasses from Zenni?

Ordered Recieved

Your eyeglasses are delivered around two weeks from the time we receive your order.

Does zenni ship from China?

Zenni Optical: Chinese eyeglasses. I discovered the secret to Zenni Optical’s low low prices. The eyeglasses are made in China. If you pay extra for the faster shipping, which I did, then they ship your eyeglasses directly from China.

Is Zenni Optical an American company?

Zenni Optical is an American company that focuses on providing customers that best online place to buy various types of eyewear. The current CEO of the company is Tibor Laczay.

Who is the owner of Zenni Optical?

Tibor Láczay

Are zenni glasses good quality?

The quality is very high, selection is amazing, prices can’t be beat. It is great to be able to have a pair of sunglasses in each car, and I love matching frames to my outfits. Thanks, Zenni! A couple of my kids have ordered from Zenni.

Does zenni verify prescription?

You don’t need to provide Zenni Optical with a copy of your prescription, but you do need to know exactly what your prescription is to order glasses from Zenni Optical, because they customize them to your prescription. They send you a eyeglass measuring device after your first order.

Are zenni glasses safe?

While Zenni does not currently sell certified safety glasses, we do offer standard eyewear that are made with more durable materials. We also offer a range of lenses, including polycarbonate and Trivex, that can be used for safety and high-impact activities.

Can you return glasses to zenni?

The customer may return an order for any reason ONLY on the following terms: Customer must return the glasses to Zenni Optical within 60 days of having received them for a 50% refund, credited back to Customer’s credit card, or a one-time 100% store credit refund (excluding shipping) to be used at ZenniOptical.com.

Do zenni blue light glasses work?

Zenni Blokz Blue Blocker Lenses ($25 and up)

The Zennis, which have a blue-light-absorbing polymer, are handy for checking e-mail in the morning when you don’t need as much blocking power and want a lighter option. But at night, the Zennis were not as effective as the Felix Grays or Gunnars.