What’s A Waiting Period For Dental Insurance?

What is a waiting period for dental insurance?

A dental insurance waiting period is the length of time after purchasing your dental benefits plan that you must wait before you can use your full coverage.

During the dental plan waiting period, the dental insurance company will not pay for certain procedures.

Can I use dental insurance right away?

There are some plans that have done away with the waiting period so that you can immediately use your dental insurance when you visit the dentist. In fact, most employer-sponsored dental plans can be used immediately, without you having to finish a specified waiting period.

Do all dental insurances have a waiting period?

What is the “Waiting Period” for Dental Insurance? Waiting periods are a set time that has to pass before your insurance will pay for restorative dental treatments. Preventive dental care – annual checkups, x-rays, routine cleanings and similar treatments – typically have no waiting period.

Is there a waiting period with Delta Dental?

Some services, such as fillings, crowns or bridges, may have a waiting period. If you’ve had dental coverage within 60 days of enrolling in an individual plan and are a resident of AZ, CO, CT, ME, NH, NJ, VT, VA, WA or WI, waiting periods could be waived.