Question: What Percentile Is A 25 On The DAT?

A score of 19-20 is typically the 75th percentile and 22-23 is typically the 98th percentile.

The score you want to aim for depends on the schools you are looking at.

Is a 20 on the DAT good?

Our minimum scores for review are 17, however the students we admit are typically above the average. The class average is around a 20 for both the Academic Average and PAT. We recommend that our applicants aim for a 20/20 on the DAT. we recommend that you choose the study method that works best for you.

What is considered a good DAT score?

The highest possible score on the DAT is a 30; and a score of 20 is considered average. An 18 is generally considered the minimum score for getting into any dental school.

What percentile is a 21 on dat?

The DAT grades you on 6 different subjects on a standard scale out of 30 points. The average test taker will score a 17 (50th percentile). The average for acceptance is a 19-20AA (~85th percentile).

How much is the DAT out of?

Scores for the DAT range from 1-30. There are no passing or failing scores; a scale score of 17 typically signifies average performance on a national basis. Each test includes certain questions that play a special role within the testing program.