What Kind Of Progressive Lenses Does Zenni Optical Use?

Does Zenni Optical do progressive lenses?

Zenni offers two Workspace Progressives lenses: Near-Range Progressives and Mid-Range Progressives.

Near-Range Progressives offer greater comfort and visual clarity within 3 feet.

Workspace Progressive lenses do not have distance vision, so they are not recommended for driving.

How much do progressive lenses cost at zenni?

Starting at $27.95. Progressive glasses allow you to see three focal distances in one seamless lens: distance, mid-range and up-close. Zenni uses cutting-edge digital free-form progressive technology to create highly customized, precise progressive lenses.

What are Office progressive lenses?

Computer progressive lenses, also known as “office lenses” or “near variable focus lenses”, are designed for use in office and are intended to provide clear vision at around 16 inches to 6 feet.

Can you get progressive lenses online?

Progressive eyeglasses and sunglasses can only provide perfect vision if the lenses are calibrated for six precise measurements of how your frames position the progressive lenses on your face. It has never been possible to do this accurately online from home, without going in-store. Until Now.