What Is The Waiting Period For Aflac Dental?

For benefits to be payable, dental wellness visits must be separated by 150 days or more.

This benefit is payable twice per policy year, per covered person.

The treatment must be performed by a dentist or dental hygienist.

There is no waiting period for this benefit.

What does Aflac dental cover?

Aflac Dental provides benefits for periodic checkups and cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, and much more.

Is Aflac dental good?

Affordable rates: Aflac has insurance plans with weekly rates as low as the cost of a toothbrush. Best for: Aflac Dental is best for employees with health insurance but no dental coverage and savers looking for good low-cost insurance.

How much is Aflac dental coverage?

Dental Wellness Benefit Aflac will pay $25 per visit to you or any covered person for any one treatment listed below. This benefit is payable once per visit, regardless of the number of treatments received.

Does Aflac cover implants?

In addition, CarePlus dental benefits not only covers dental implants but also preventative care and other general dentistry needs.