Question: What Is The Best Pre Dental Major?

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Biomedical engineering

Biomedical Sciences



What should I major in to be a dentist?

Biology, chemistry and physics are among the many degree programs that meet dental school admissions requirements. A high school diploma or GED are prerequisites for all bachelor’s level programs.

What jobs can you get with a pre dental degree?

Your pre-health degree could make you a more attractive candidate for a position as a medical assistant, dental assistant, phlebotomist or pharmacy technician.

  • Medical Assistant. Medical assistants provide various support services for physicians.
  • Dental Assistant.
  • Become a Phlebotomist.
  • Pharmacy Technician.

Can I get into dental school with a 3.0 GPA?

Getting into dental school is so competitive that a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) is the minimum you’d need to even have a chance. A 3.3 GPA or above would set you apart, and you should aim for the same GPA in your science courses. Shadow a dentist for a few weeks or volunteer at an office.