Question: What Is A Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler?

Piezo electric ultrasonic scalers offer unique benefits over other kinds of scalers.

They operate at a slightly higher frequency, require less water to control heat and vibrate less which achieves optimal patient comfort when removing plaque, calculus and more.

What is the difference between a cavitron and piezo?

Both piezo and magnetostrictive (eg. Cavitron) can be effective if used correctly. The Cavitron has more active surfaces and so is somewhat less technique sensitive when it comes to calculus removal. BUT it is more technique sensitive when it comes to minimizing root damage.

How do you use a piezoelectric scaler?



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Effective and painless piezo scaling – YouTube


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How do you use an ultrasonic scaler?



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Can ultrasonic scaler damage teeth?

[17] This work was repeated with a commercially available ultrasonic scaler, which demonstrated similar findings. [9] Thus, ultrasound transmissions into the tooth may result in potential damage to the structures such as blood vessels both within and around the teeth.

Can you use an ultrasonic scaler on a patient with a defibrillator?

Based on the current evidence, it is recommended that use of magnetostrictive ultrasonic equipment be avoided on or near individuals with implantable cardiac pacemakers or cardioverter–defibrillators. At this time, piezoelectric equipment appears to have no substantial effects on these devices.

How do you do scaling?



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Scaling and Root Planing – YouTube


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Is it safe to use a dental scaler at home?

Place the top of the curve of the scaler flat against the tooth surface. Gently pull away from the gum line to the biting edge of each tooth. Plastic Dental Scaler is safe to use daily.

What is the difference between 25k and 30k ultrasonic inserts?

This refers to how often, or frequently, the insert tip vibrates in an oval, or elliptical, pattern. A 25K insert is designed to vibrate at 25,000 cycles per second while a 30K insert is designed to vibrate at 30,000 cycles per second–regardless of the power level setting on the generator.

Does Scaling make your teeth whiter?

Scale and polish

“An oral hygienist can polish your teeth and remove the surface stains and keep your gums healthy. If your gums are red and inflamed, it makes your teeth look less lustrous.” A scale and polish will not make them whiter, but it should make the teeth look cleaner and brighter.

Is ultrasonic scaling better?

Research has shown that ultrasonic scaling instruments are at least as effective as manual scalers at removing tartar from tooth surfaces, including from within gum pockets that are shallow. However, where ultrasonic instruments really shine is in the clearing of deposits from deeper pockets.

Can you scrape tartar off your own teeth?

Unfortunately, once tartar has formed, it can only be removed by a dental professional using a process called scaling. This process involves using a special tool to scrape tartar off of your teeth.

Is ultrasonic teeth cleaning safe?

Using an ultrasonic device for routine teeth cleaning procedures is generally very safe. However, if you have very sensitive teeth or newly erupted teeth, an ultrasonic device may not be a good match for you.

Can I use a cavitron on a patient with a defibrillator?

Electronic dental instruments, like ultrasonic scalers or apex locators, could potentially interfere with some implantable cardiac devices, such as pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. Cardiovascular implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) use electrical impulses to maintain proper heart rhythm.

Is premedication necessary for pacemaker?

Guidelines Issued for Antibiotic Prophylaxis With Implanted Heart Devices. February 17, 2011 — Dental patients should not take prophylactic antibiotics simply because they have pacemakers or implanted defibrillators, according to a new statement from the American Heart Association (AHA).

Can piezo be used with pacemaker?

Piezo scalers – safe for use on patients with cardiac pacemakers. W&H is the first manufacturer to confirm that W&H piezo scalers can be used on patients with cardiac pacemakers without any concerns.