Question: What Does Aflac Pay You For?

ACCIDENT SPECIFIC-SUM INJURIES BENEFITS: When a Covered Person receives treatment under the care of a Physician for Accidental Injuries sustained in a covered accident, Aflac will pay specified benefits ranging from $35– $12,500 for dislocations, burns, skin grafts, eye injuries, lacerations, fractures, concussion,

How much does Aflac pay when you have a baby?

It all depends on when you have children. From the time we started our Aflac policy until Sally’s birth, we paid 30 months of premiums, or $2,400.

What is Aflac and how does it work?

Aflac supplemental insurance provides an additional level of financial protection for your employees and their families in the event of a serious accident or illness. Actually, it’s all we do. When a person gets sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits fast.

Does Aflac pay when on workmans comp?

Your AFLAC policy is a disability policy that you pay premiums for or they are paid by your employer on your behalf. It is legal to accept payment from both workers’ comp and you disability policy.

How soon after getting Aflac can you use it?

Aflac will not pay benefits for an illness, disease, infection, or disorder that is diagnosed or treated by a Physician within the first 30 days after the Effective Date of coverage, unless the resulting Disability begins more than 30 days after the Effective Date of coverage.

How long does Aflac pay for short term disability?

If your covered Sickness or covered Off-the-Job Injury causes your Partial Disability within 90 days of your covered Sickness or covered Off-the-Job Injury, we will pay you one-half of the Daily Disability Benefit for each day of your Partial Disability.

How is short term disability paid out?

Employer-provided short-term disability (STD) insurance pays a percentage of an employee’s salary for a specified amount of time, if they fall ill or get injured, and cannot perform the duties of their job. Generally, the benefit pays approximately 40 to 60 percent of the employee’s weekly gross income.