Question: What Do You Do If Your Car Registration Is Stolen?

How to Report a Stolen Car Registration

  • Call the local sheriff or deputy’s office to report the incident.
  • Call your state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) to report that your car’s registration has been stolen.
  • Contact your insurance company to report the incident, and tell the company representative that you have contacted the police and the DMV.

What should I do if my car registration is stolen?

If your insurance card is stolen or lost you report to your insurance agent what happened and request a new insurance card. As for your registration being stolen, you will need to inform your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about the theft and get a replacement document.

Can someone steal your identity with your car registration?

Having the title, the crook can then wait until another opportunity arises and they can steal, and then sell, your vehicle. They have the title. They have a vehicle registration card. In the report of your vehicle burglary, make certain that you reported the theft of your vehicle registration.

Why would someone steal your license plate?

The posting indicates people steal license plates for a couple of reasons. Someone may want it because the tabs are current, leading to less attention from law enforcement. It may also be taken because the thief plans to commit a crime and figures it will be harder to track them.

How do I report a stolen license plate?

What To Do Now!

  1. Immediately report the license plate theft to the local police department.
  2. Obtain a police report from the visiting officer.
  3. Report the stolen plate to your DMV office.
  4. Obtain a temporary tag or a new plate from the state as soon as possible.