What Dental Insurance Covers Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Dental insurance plans will often cover wisdom teeth extraction as a major service.

If you are currently uninsured and need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, you are going to want to find a dental insurance plan that covers major services with no waiting periods.

Denali Dental may be a perfect option for you.

Does Delta Dental cover wisdom teeth removal?

Most of our dental plans cover wisdom teeth removal.

Is wisdom teeth removal major dental?

Either a Dentist or an Oral Surgeon can perform a wisdom tooth extraction in the chair at their dental surgery. Depending on your health fund and your level of cover, surgical tooth extraction is usually considered to be “Major Dental” treatment and you need to have the correct level of dental cover to obtain benefits.

Is oral surgery covered by medical or dental?

Using Insurance for Dental Work

Oral surgery could potentially be billed as a medical procedure. And while dental procedures aren’t typically covered by medical insurance, there may be components that are covered under certain circumstances.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover oral surgery?

It doesn’t cover routine dental exams, cleanings, procedures or dentures. It does cover some dental care related to hospitalizations, surgeries and the treatment of diseases. You’ll pay for routine dental care and dentures out of your own pocket with Original Medicare.

Why experts now say not to remove your wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth don’t usually need to be removed if they’re impacted but aren’t causing any problems. This is because there’s no proven benefit of doing this and it carries the risk of complications. Even if they’re impacted! Evidence directly linking third molars to oral diseases is lacking.

Is it best to get all 4 wisdom teeth out at once?

Even if all four wisdom teeth are free of infection and not causing pain – or if only one tooth is problematic – an OMS may still recommend they all be removed.