Quick answer: Is Newsmax A Conservative Organization?

Is newsmax a conservative station?

In 2010, Nielsen Online said Newsmax was the most trafficked conservative website with approximately 4 million unique visitors monthly.

In their study, Newsmax.com was the number one site for conservatives in the U.S., making it one of the most influential conservative news sites in the nation..

Who is behind newsmax?

Newsmax Media. Newsmax Media is an American news media organization founded by Christopher Ruddy and based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Is newsmax owned by Fox News?

Newsmax TV is a cable news channel owned by Newsmax Media. … The channel was created by American journalist and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy. It launched on June 16, 2014 to 35 million satellite subscribers through DirecTV and Dish Network.

Who is the CEO of Newsmax?

Christopher Ruddy (Sep 16, 1998–)Newsmax Media/CEOCEO of Newsmax Media, Inc. Christopher Ruddy (born January 28, 1965) is the CEO of Newsmax Media, which publishes Newsmax.com and broadcasts the Newsmax TV network. Media-industry magazine Folio named Ruddy to its “Folio 40,” an “annual list of magazine industry influencers”.