Quick answer: Is It Safe To Buy From A Third Party On Amazon?

How do you know if you are buying from a third party seller on Amazon?

You can see who fulfills the order right next to the “Sold by [Company]” text on a product page, under the Buy Now button or selling price.

If a third-party seller is fulfilling the order itself, shipping and returns are more of an unknown..

What does 3rd party sellers on Amazon mean?

Third-party sellers are independent sellers who offer a variety of new, used, refurbished, and collectible merchandise. The steps to place an order with a third-party seller are the same as placing any other order on Amazon.com.

How much of Amazon sales are third party?

50%9. More than 50% of all Amazon sales come from third-party sellers.

Can you return 3rd party items to Amazon?

Amazon requires 3rd party sellers to meet or exceed Amazon’s return policy which allows a buyer to return – for any reason – if the request is made within 30 days of delivery. … If these returns are due to buyer issues then they pay for its return and you can assess restock fees.

Can I get scammed on Amazon?

Yes, you can sometimes find crazy deals on Amazon that are legitimate, but when an expensive item is discounted more than 30%, you should be wondering why. This goes double for any items being sold from a new, “just launched” third-party seller. Keep in mind, however, not all third-party sellers are scammers.

Is it safe to buy from 3rd party sellers on Amazon?

Only a small percent of third-party sellers would ever try to scam you or sell you fraudulent goods, but it’s good to be extra vigilant when you’re buying from a seller other than Amazon.com. Amazon doesn’t do a great job policing third-party sellers and doesn’t require they follow the same return policies.