Quick Answer: How Do I Change My DStv Details Online?

Can you use your DStv smart card in another decoder?

No, you cannot use your Dstv Smartcard in another decoder, as each Multichoice IUC is paired to only one Dstv box.

So you can not watch Dstv on another decoder with your Smart card..

Can I trade in my old DStv decoder?

You will keep accessing DStv for as long as your older Single View decoder is still working. You can, however, trade-in your active Single View decoder at any of our service centres or agencies for a brand new DStv HD Decoder for only R349.

How do I manage my DStv now devices?

Open DStv Now app (smartphone or tablet) Go to More > Settings > Manage Devices.

What can I do with my old DStv decoder?

DStv subscribers can exchange the SD PVR, Dual View, UEC-manufacturer HD PVR 4 Tuner, or older single view decoders for various combinations of the DStv Explora, HD decoder and/or installation. To do this, the customer has to take the particular device and smartcard to a DStv service centre or agency.

How do I know if my DStv is active?

Sign into the DStv easy service with your smart card number and phone number or name. Click on “Account” once you are signed in. You will see your DStv subscription due date and your account balance.

How do I change ownership of a decoder?

So you have a decoder that you want to use? Download our Change of Ownership form to start the process. The completed form and other required documents can be dropped off at a MultiChoice Service Centre or Agency, sent via email to help@dstv.com or faxed to 011 577 4901.

How long does it take to change DStv ownership?

It took us nearly 2 hours and all the paperwork was done. That is ID books presented and copied plus a form filled in by both parties.

How much does it cost to replace a DStv decoder?

If you own an HD PVR 4 Tuner (UEC), you will still have access to your DStv services, although the access might be limited. However, you can opt for a DStv decoder swap to a DStv Explora at a fee of R600 at any of the service centres.

How do I connect my phone to DStv?

Get the DStv Now app for smartphones and tabletsDownload the DStv Now app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.Launch the app and log in to your DStv account.Start watching.Nov 1, 2018

How do I put DStv smart card into decoder?

To determine this, remove the card and insert it ensuring the chip is facing downwards and the arrows on the back of the card facing the decoder. Simply remove and re-insert it and make sure you lock it in properly. Use a soft clean and dry cloth to clean the golden chip on the Smartcard.

How do I register a device on DStv now?

Go online to now.dstv.com and create an account (should you not have one) by choosing a username and password. Once the account has been created, download the dstv now app and log in using the details when creating your account. The DStv Now app can be installed on any smart device and connect to 4 devices.

Can you watch all channels on DStv now?

Yes. The introduction of DStv Now, a free app for all subscribers, can help you watch several TV channels such as Channel O, M-Net, Mzansi Magic, and SuperSport live anywhere. It also grants every subscriber access to over 95+ audio channels.

How do I check my DStv payment?

Via SMSSend an SMS with the word RESET accompanied by your smartcard number to 30333.You will receive a confirmation message informing you that your request is being processed.Check after a while if the channels are available.Jun 19, 2019

What is the DStv self service number?

Dial *120*68584# on your Cellphone Our USSD service just got better!

How do I change ownership of my DStv decoder online?

Can I change my DStv ownership online? To change your DStv ownership online, you will be required to download the DStv change of ownership form download PDF and use the PDF filler to select the form that you wish to fill. To provide the details on the form, you will be required to select the Fill Online option.

How do I check my DStv account?

My DStv SubscriptionView your account balance by logging into Self Service or using our mobile app.Dial *120*68584# and follow the prompts.Call us on 083 900 3788 or 011 289 2222 without having to speak to an agent.

How do I change my DSTV details?

How do I update sign In details? A customer can sign into the DStv website https://connect.dstv.com and select “Update Sign in Details” to update their details.