Question: How Can I Delete My Purchase History On EBay?

How do I delete my purchase history on eBay app?

The following steps will allow you to do it;Log in to your eBay account.Navigate to your Purchase History.

Locate the item that you want to remove from your purchase history list.Select More Actions on the item that you have found.

Choose Hide Item..

What was my last purchase on eBay?

You can find your recently viewed items in a number of places on eBay: In the Recently viewed section of My eBay. On the homepage – opens in new window or tab under Your Recently Viewed Items. On the left side of the search results page, under the refinement options.

How do you cancel orders on eBay?

Cancel an order you made more than an hour agoGo to Purchase history – opens in new window or tab and find the order you want to cancel.From the More actions dropdown, select Contact seller.Choose Request to cancel this order, then Contact the seller.Explain to the seller why you need to cancel, and select Send.

Why can’t I delete eBay purchase history?

In “My eBay” Scroll down to the bottom of the list of items that you have purchased, At the buttons on that list you should see two button one says “ADD NOTE” and the other says “ARCHIVE”, Just click on the second one that says “ARCHIVE” and this should delete all of your previous purchase history. Hope this helps.

Why can’t I delete items from my eBay purchase history?

You can’t outright delete your purchase history on, but you can hide items and orders in your eBay Purchase History Archive if they’re getting in the way. To do this, find the item or order that you want to hide, and click More Actions. Then, click Hide Order.