Quick Answer: Is BDS A Good Career Option?

It’s a very good career option for female students.

A career in BDS is highly lucrative.

Is BDS a good option?

Clinical Setup: After successfully completing the BDS course, Dentists are eligible to open up their own dental clinic. All you need is a good location and funds. This option is very popular among BDS graduates because it has permanent job security, along with a good pay scale.

What is the salary after BDS?

The initial salary of a dentist may be the Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month. After getting the experience and good hands on in this field, the candidate may get the handsome salary as 4 to 6 lakh per annum. “Dental field offer rewarding job opportunities to BDS aspirants.”

Is dentist a good career in India?

The undergraduate program BDS (Bachelor of Dental Studies) is of 5 years. You can also pursue the degree in a private college recognized by the Dental Council of India. A specialization in a particular area during MDS enhances your prospects. There are many good colleges in India for dentistry.

What are the career options after BDS?

8 Career options after BDS

  • 1) General Dentist. This is the most inevitable choice that most graduates make.
  • 2) Lecturer/Tutor.
  • 3) Specialist.
  • 4) Short Service Commissioned Officer with the Defense.
  • 5) IAS/IPS/IFS Officer.
  • 6) Hospital Management.
  • 7) Researcher.
  • 8) Opportunities Abroad.