Question: Is Ameritas Dental Insurance Good?

Ameritas provides dental insurance for both individuals and employers.

Its plans vary quite a bit but are more advantageous for people looking for more personalized coverage.

This dental insurance company has some features that financially benefit people who take good care of their teeth.27 Feb 2019

Does Ameritas dental insurance cover implants?

Ameritas Group Offers Dental Implant Coverage Nationwide. Ameritas Group’s standard dental plans have always offered benefits for dental implant restoration procedures, such as placing crowns on implants.30 Jul 2007

Does Ameritas dental cover crowns?

Your Ameritas dental plan includes adult and child orthodontia benefits. Covered expenses are based on 50% of the estimated cost of the patient’s treatment program, up to the $2,000 per person lifetime maximum.

How do I cancel Ameritas dental insurance?

Contact us at 800-487-5553 or to discuss changing your plan. What if I want to cancel the policy? All cancellations must be submitted to HealthPlan Services by calling 800-237-1276 or writing PO Box 30102, Tampa, FL 33630-3264.

What is best dental plan for seniors?

While UnitedHealthcare does have longer wait times for coverage to being and higher copays for certain services, it has a very large preferred provider network and provides free X-rays and cleanings twice yearly, making a good choice for seniors looking for basic dental coverage.