Quick Answer: How Much Is Denplan Care Per Month?

How much is denplan care a month?

Denplan Essentials & Care Fees

Denplan’s ‘Care’ plan fees range from £13.70 to £33.99 per month (depending on your oral condition, decided on by an initial assessment with one of our dentists) and provides full cover.

Our average Care plan fee is band C @ £22.65 per month.

How much do you pay for denplan?

The average payment for Denplan Care is around £16 a month. Customers pay in six instalments to cover the cost of everything from check ups to crowns.

What does denplan care cover?

Denplan Care is a really easy way to spread the cost of all of your routine treatment into affordable monthly payments, reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills. This plan will cover your regular check-ups and hygiene visits with your dental team, as well as any restorative treatment you may need.

Is denplan worthwhile?

Denplan doesn’t set its own fees; your dentist decides what you pay based on their own charges and your overall oral health. A dental plan like Denplan can be a good option for some patients, but it’s not right for everyone.