Question: How Much Is A White Filling UK?

How much does a white filling cost?

The Cost of Dental Fillings Without Insurance

Metal (silver amalgam) fillings can cost between $50 and $150 for one to two teeth, and between $120 and $300 for more than two teeth.

Tooth-colored resin fillings usually cost between $90 and $250 for one to two teeth, and between $150 and $450 for three or more.

Can I get a white filling on the NHS?

For example, if you need a filling for one of your front teeth, your dentist may suggest a tooth-coloured (white) filling, but the use of tooth-coloured fillings on back teeth is considered purely cosmetic. Fillings available on the NHS can be made of: composite (tooth-coloured) – made of resin and glass mixture.

How much does a filling cost in UK?

UK Dentist Prices – Compare NHS and Private Dental Treatment Costs

Dental Work RequiredPrivate PricesNHS Prices*
Large Tooth Filling-Non-white£101£47
Root canal£383£204
Sedated tooth removal£145£47
Small tooth filling-Non-white£76£47

16 more rows

Can I get my fillings changed to white?

In most cases no, it is not recommended that you replace your current metal fillings with newer white or tooth-colored fillings. After all, in most cases metal fillings are not dangerous or unhealthy to have in your mouth. Therefore, it is not important for your health to have them changed to white fillings.