How Much Is A Typical Crown?

Generally, crowns can range in cost from $800 to $1700 or more per crown.

A portion of the cost of crowns is generally covered by insurance.

To be certain, check with your dental insurance company.

How much is a crown without insurance?

The cost of a dental crown without insurance.

The average cost of a crown depends on the materials used. The most popular option among patients is all-porcelain crowns, which could cost between $800-$3000.

Why do dental crowns cost so much?

Often seen as a pain purchase, dental crowns can be seen as expensive in part because of the technology needed to produce a cap to repair your tooth. Less expensive materials, such as fillings, don’t provide the same protection and durability so it’s worthwhile in the long run to invest in a dental crown.

How long do dental crowns last?

15 years

How much does it cost to Recement a crown?

13 Dental Fee Schedule

ADA CodeDescriptionAllowance
02910Recement inlay$76.00
02920Recement crown$76.00
02930Prefabricated stainless steel crown—primary tooth$135.00
02931Prefabricated stainless steel crown—permanent tooth$172.00

13 more rows

Can I get a root canal without a crown?

Most crowns do not need root canals. If a tooth is not infected or acutely inflamed, it will not need a root canal.

Do I really need a crown?

A large filling or cracks in tooth

If you have a large filling or cracks in a tooth, your dentist may recommend a crown to keep your tooth from splitting in the future. You may need a crown to prevent the tooth from breaking beyond the point of repair.