How Much Is A Filling NZ?

A filling can cost upward of $160 in New Zealand.

This service is matched with that in Australia, with a one surface (anterior) filling costing between AU$140 and AU$160 (NZ$148-$169).

How much should a filling cost NZ?

Dental Costs in New Zealand

Dental ProcedureCost
Check up with x-rays$95 – $150
Check up with Scale/Polish$85 – $120
Amalgam filling (molar)$110 – $165
Composite filling (molar)$130 – $185

9 more rows

What is the average cost to get a filling?

Tooth-colored resin fillings usually cost between $90 and $250 for one to two teeth, and between $150 and $450 for three or more. Porcelain or cast-gold fillings are the most expensive option. They can cost anywhere from $250 to $4,500, depending on the size of the cavity.

How much are ceramic fillings?

Silver amalgam fillings are the most affordable and typically cost between $50 and $150. composite resin fillings cost between $90 and $250, and porcelain or gold fillings can cost anywhere from $250 to $4,500.

How much is white filling?

On average, resin composite fillings cost about $135–$240 per tooth. That is about $30–$40 more than traditional amalgam fillings. The cost varies based on how many sides of each tooth have decay.