Quick Answer: How Much Do Zenni Glasses Cost?

As noted above, the average price for a pair of glasses is $263.

You can buy a new pair of glasses from Zenni Optical for $6.95 plus shipping, for a discount of around 95%.

With this cost savings, you can stay in style and frequently update your prescription, while still saving a lot of money.


What is the average cost of prescription glasses?

For name brands, prices can range between $50 and $1,000 or more. At an eye doctor’s clinic, prices for eyeglasses will vary depending upon the frames, lenses and region of the country. The average price for eyeglasses nationally is $196, according to Vision Service Plan .

How much do Warby Parker glasses cost?

Glasses start at $95 (including frames and lenses) and if lenses are scratched within a year, Warby Parker will replace them for free. You can even try on up to five pairs at home before you buy them, so you have the experience of trying them on and seeing how they feel.

How long does it take to get your glasses from Zenni?

14 to 21 days

How much are zenni progressive lenses?

And it, too, has a 30-day warranty. Still, Zenni’s frames with basic single-vision lenses start at less than $10, and upgrading to progressives begins at just $28. Survey respondents who bought from Zenni spent a median of just $69 for a complete pair of glasses, making them our survey’s lowest-cost retailer.