How Many Questions Are On The DAT?


How many questions can you miss on dat?

There isn’t an answer to your question. It depends on the test you have. If it is a more difficult version maybe you can miss 5-6 questions, if it is an easy one maybe only 2-3. There is absolutely no way to know.

Is a calculator allowed on the DAT?

For the DAT Practice Test, a calculator will not be present. However, a basic calculator will be available as a pop-up image on the screen for the Quantitative Reasoning Test section in the real DAT. In the practice test, only the number of correct answers (raw scores) for each of the four tests on the DAT is reported.

What percentile is a 20 on the DAT?

DAT Score (Quantitatively)PercentileDAT Score (Qualitatively)
19-2075thUsually Good
22-2398thVery High

What is a good score on the DAT?

The highest possible score on the DAT is a 30; and a score of 20 is considered average. An 18 is generally considered the minimum score for getting into any dental school.