Quick Answer: How Expensive Is Dental School?

What is the average cost of dental school?

Tuition Costs at Private Dental Schools

Tuition costs vary greatly between schools, but on average, private institutions charge $67,399 per year.

The four-year cost totals $265,596.

Other additional expenses include lab fees, preclinical supplies, books, dental kits, scrubs, and exam costs.

Is Dental School Worth the Cost?

Dental school was worth the debt for me. But that doesn’t mean that it will be worth it for you. You must carefully consider several factors to make your own determination. Then, I attended a private dental school that cost about $55k per semester.

Can you go to dental school for free?

You can go to dental school for free by earning any of 6 special scholarships that cover the costs of your entire dental education.

What is the most expensive dental school?

Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Predoctoral tuition is listed at $64,500 for each of the four years of the program. The most expensive year of various fees (year one) adds up to $10,548.