How Can I Get Help Paying For Dentures?

Where can I get help paying for dentures?

The federal government provides assistance through clinics for eligible individuals.

They also offer free grants to needy individuals to help pay for dentures.

Medicaid or Medicare can help with dental costs, but may not provide denture coverage.

For more information, check with your state office.

Can seniors get free dentures?

To qualify for free dentures through local professional or charitable organizations or through government insurance programs, an individual should be uninsured, meet the low- income requirements or be over 65 years of age.

Is there a way to get free dentures?

Donated Dental Service Programs

The DDS program offers free and comprehensive dental treatment to people with disabilities, the elderly, or those who cannot afford the health care they need. It’s run by a volunteer network of dentists and dental labs all over the United States.

How much do anchored dentures cost?

Patients should expect to pay approximately $1,000 for a full set (upper and lower jaw) of mid-range dentures. Low-end dentures may cost as little as $300, but the difference between low-end dentures and mid-range dentures may be great in terms of comfort, longevity, and appearance.