Quick Answer: Does TennCare Cover Glasses For Adults?

The first pair of cataract glasses or contact lens/lenses after cataract surgery are covered.

Basic dental care is covered only for adults 21 and older who are members of Employment and Community First CHOICES.

Covered services include dental exams, cleanings and fillings.

What all does TennCare cover?

Wellness and Preventive Care: TennCare covers most medical services necessary for physical and mental health, including hospital, physician, and pharmacy services. If you are having problems getting the medical care you need and want help working with your health plan call us at 1-800-758-1638.

What does TennCare standard cover?

TennCare Medicaid adults have pharmacy co-pays only. You don’t pay co-pays for other TennCare services. But, TennCare Standard members with incomes at or above 100% of poverty do have co-pays for other kinds of services. Your co-pays may change during the year if there are changes in your family size or income.

Does TennCare cover braces for adults?

For example, if you are a TennCare Standard member and you go to the dentist for a filling, you might have to pay a copay during your visit. However, most qualifying DentaQuest members will nothave a copay. Are braces covered? Braces are covered only when they are medically necessary.

What are the requirements to get on TennCare?

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of the state of Tennessee and you must also be a U.S. citizen or qualified alien. You must be either pregnant, a child under age 19, a parent or relative caretaker of a dependent child(ren) under age 21, disabled, elderly, or uninsurable.