Quick Answer: Does MetLife Cover Teeth Whitening?

Does MetLife cover Invisalign for adults?

As of 2018 Metlife insurance covers $500 to $1500 of the cost of Invisalign under the orthodontic plan.

A few Metlife insurance policy may cover between 25% and up to 50% of the total fee.

Insurance plans with Invisalign coverage are available.

What does MetLife dental PPO cover?

The MetLife Dental PPO Plan is a dental preferred provider organization (PPO). Each time you need care, you can visit any licensed dentist you choose. After you meet your annual deductible, the plan covers a percentage of the cost of your necessary care, up to the maximum annual benefit.8 Jan 2019

Is MetLife dental good insurance?

With MetLife Dental, the average premiums for comprehensive coverage for individuals and couples were good but not elite. However, the premium for families averaged just $124.25 per month. That said, MetLife Dental’s PPO-High plan is likely better because it pays the dentists directly rather than reimbursing you.26 Feb 2019

Does MetLife cover teeth implants?

Yes. Implant Services are a covered expense subject to plan guidelines. Please refer to your 2019 MetLife Federal Dental Plan Brochure for a complete listing of covered implant services and pre-certification provisions.