Does Aetna Dental Cover Braces?

You do not need a referral for orthodontic treatment.

If you are an Aetna DMO® plan* member, however, you must see an orthodontist who participates in our network.

Which orthodontia treatments are covered by my plan?

Not all dental benefits and dental insurance plans include orthodontic coverage.

Does dental insurance cover braces?

Dental insurance for braces. For children, dental insurance for braces may be required in some states, but this does not cover every situation. Dental insurance plans may cover orthodontics for adults, but if the treatment is desired for purely cosmetic reasons it is usually not covered.

What is orthodontic coverage?

Dental Premier® plans. Orthodontics is a dental specialty dedicated to diagnosing, preventing and treating malocclusion (improper alignment of biting or chewing surfaces of upper and lower teeth) through braces, corrective procedures and other appliances to straighten teeth and correct jaw alignment.

Which is better Invisalign or metal braces?

Braces are, of course, not removable. Metal braces are extremely efficient at fixing complex tooth issues, and they often work faster at closing gaps and aligning teeth than Invisalign. While every patient is different, the average time spent in braces is anywhere from 18 months to 3 years.

Does Delta Dental PPO cover braces?

Some plans may cover alternative appliances like Invisalign. If an appliance is not covered, Delta Dental usually covers some of the orthodontic treatment costs. Simply pay your copayment for covered services directly to your DeltaCare USA orthodontist. Delta Dental orthodontists will submit claims for you.