Does Access Cover Chiropractic?

Currently, only people younger than 21 on AHCCCS are covered for chiropractic care.

Other AHCCCS patients may want to use chiropractic care, but chiropractors have to tell them to pay cash, said Barry Aarons, the lobbyist for the association.

What does Ahcccs cover?

AHCCCS provides medical insurance coverage to thousands of Arizonans each year. It helps citizens obtain doctor’s office visits, physical exams, immunizations, prenatal care, hospital care and prescriptions they need.

Does Ahcccs cover orthodontics?

AHCCCS (Medicaid) has no out-of-pocket expenses ( for children) with some rare exceptions. The most common reason an AHCCCS child’s parents may need to pay something is for extractions needed for braces. AHCCCS won’t cover a non-medically necessary treatment. to learn more please see the AHCCCS website.

Does Ahcccs provide transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation is a covered benefit for AHCCCS members when: the physical or behavioral health service for which the transportation is needed is a covered AHCCCS service; the member is not able to provide, secure or pay for their own transportation, and free transportation is not available; and

Does Ahcccs cover dental for adults?

AHCCCS Dental for Adults. In the past if you had AHCCCS and were 21 years of age or older there were no AHCCCS dental benefits unless medically necessary. As of October of 2017 this is no longer the case. If you are an adult, AHCCCS dental coverage will now cover EMERGENCY ONLY visits.