Do You Pay Council Tax After Retirement?

Do you pay council tax when you are a pensioner?

If you’re a pensioner

If you get the guarantee credit part of Pension Credit, your income and capital are ignored and you will get full Council Tax Reduction.

When working out your entitlement to CTR, the way some things are dealt with will be the same for all pensioners, regardless of where you live.

Do you stop paying council tax at certain ages?

You don’t stop paying it at any age. However, depending on income and savings, you may be entitled to Council Tax Benefit to cover the full amount.

Do you have to pay council tax when you are over 80?

In principle, people who are 80 plus do have to pay council tax.

Do you still pay council rent when you retire?

If you can pay it off before you retire, your outgoings may drop considerably. If you rent your home, you’ll still have to pay rent when you retire. Your fuel bills. Gas and electric bills may be higher if you’re at home more and as you get older.