Question: Do GCSEs Actually Matter?

It’s not the end of the world if you fail.

We never say this, but GCSEs don’t matter nearly as much as we make out.

You probably need your pass in maths and English, but you can retake.

If you’re that academic, A-level grades and then your degree will quickly supersede GCSEs.

Are GCSEs actually important?

They aren’t the most important qualifications you’ll get in life but it’s better to do well in them than not well, so try your best! With A-Levels again, good A-levels = good university = better job prospects. Employers will also still look at your A-level grades and GCSEs (English and maths GCSE particularly).

Do GCSE grades matter?

Question: How much do your GCSE grades matter? GCSE grades are definitely important for Medicine, but there is no hard and fast rule categorising the grades as good or bad. Depending on where you apply, your GCSE grades will have a varying level of impact on whether you’ll be offered a place.

Do GCSE grades matter for Oxford?

However, it is true that your GCSE grade profile will not help. Oxford makes systematic use of GCSE scores and most candidates will have a higher proportion of A* grades. The standard offer is A* A* A, so with your current predicted grades there is a risk that you wouldn’t get called to interview.

Do employers look at GCSEs?

Most do, with just one in twenty (6%) saying that they do not take into account GCSE grades in any occupational group. Employers are most likely to consider GCSE grades when recruiting for intermediate level, ‘white collar’ occupations, particularly administrative and secretarial positions.