Question: Can You Get Free Eye Tests On Universal Credit?

Depending on what benefits you’re receiving, yes, you could receive a free NHS eye test.

If you receive any of these, you’ll get eye tests for free: Income Support.

Universal Credit and meet the qualifying criteria.14 Dec 2018

Do students get free eye tests?

Free Student Eye Tests. Routine eye tests are important regardless of your age and health! You may or may not know that most students aren’t eligible for a free NHS eye test (find out if you are here). Luckily there’s some companies that offer free eye tests.

Who qualifies for free eye tests?

Eligibility for free sight tests

are aged 60 or over. are a diagnosed glaucoma patient, or considered to be at risk of glaucoma (according to an ophthalmologist) aged 40 or over and with a parent, brother, sister, son or daughter diagnosed with glaucoma. are diagnosed as diabetic.

What other benefits can I claim with universal credit?

Housing Benefit. income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) Child Tax Credit.

The biggest differences are:

  • you can get Universal Credit if you’re unemployed but also if you’re working.
  • you’ll usually get a single payment each month, rather than weekly or fortnightly.

How often can I have a free eye test?

Opticians say that everybody should have regular eye tests – regardless if they wear glasses or not. The NHS recommends you should visit your local optician once every two years to have your eyes tested. This is because the tests can pick up on many different health conditions before they show symptoms.