Can You Claim From 2 Insurance Companies?

Insurance can be claimed from two (or more) insurance companies in a number of legitimate situations.

In some cases, the practice is by design.

In other situations, it is not, but can still be accommodated by some insurance contracts.29 Apr 2017

Can you claim from two insurance policies?

According to Medi-claim insurance rules, one cannot make claims with two insurance companies at the same time. If the claimed amount is higher than the sum insured under the policy on which he has first made the claim, the insured person can claim the balance amount from the second indemnity policy.17 Mar 2017

What happens if you have 2 insurance policies?

Double coverage often means you’re paying for redundant coverage. If both plans have deductibles, you’ll have to pay both before coverage kicks in. You don’t get to choose which health plan is primary, meaning the one that pays first. You don’t get to choose which insurer will pay a certain claim.17 Jun 2014

Can you have two home insurance policies?

You are allowed to own more than one homeowners policy, and you can even file a claim against both companies. If you have two companies because you are about to drop coverage, and the two policies will only overlap briefly, file the claim with your old insurance company.16 Apr 2012