Question: Can I Be Main Driver On Two Cars?

Insuring Multiple Cars

If a household has two cars and two licensed drivers, insurers assume that each car will have a different primary driver.

Any or all can be designated as secondary drivers.

If a household has more cars than drivers, it is possible for one person to be the primary driver for more than one car.

Can you be the policyholder on 2 cars?

Can two people have two different insurance policies on one car? No, there can only be one policy per car. However, if more than one person will be driving the car, extra people can be added to the policy as a named driver.

How many cars can you be primary driver on?

Answer: In your household there are three drivers and three cars, so most car insurance companies would mandate that each driver be listed on the policy as the primary driver of one car, even your teenage driver.

Can you be the main driver on someone else’s car?

One way to drive someone else’s car is to become a named driver on their policy. This means you’re insured on the same policy as the main policyholder. If you’re adding a younger driver as a named driver, the cost will usually go up.

Can I be the main driver on my partners car?

Yes, but you will have to tell the insurer you are not the owner or registered keeper when you apply. Some insurers will only offer you cover as the main driver if you are also the registered keeper of the car. However many will insure you, so shop around and check the policy documents before you apply.