Question: Can A Dying Tooth Be Saved?

A Means of Saving a Dead Tooth.

Root canal therapy (endodontics) can reclaim teeth after they have died.

In order to understand this, you must first understand the anatomy of a tooth.

The most common causes of pulp death are physical trauma to the tooth, a cracked tooth, or a deep cavity.

How long does it take for a tooth to die?

A tooth may die quickly, in a matter of days, or slowly, over several months or years. A tooth can also die as the result of poor dental hygiene. That can lead to cavities, which when left untreated can slowly destroy your tooth. Cavities begin on the enamel, which is the outer protective layer of your tooth.

Can a tooth nerve heal itself?

If a bacterial infection in a tooth is not treated quickly enough and reaches the nerve or pulp of a tooth, the tooth can die. Since your teeth are alive, they have the ability to heal themselves, just like any other tissue in your body. Saliva contains enzymes that help teeth heal.

Can an infected tooth be saved?

In some cases, the tooth can’t be saved and your dentist will pull out the infected tooth and drain the abscess to eliminate the infection. You may be given antibiotics if the infection has a chance of spreading or if you have a weakened immune system.